An Unmet need

Today, T2DM patients are mainly treated pharmacologically and are subject to routine, invasive and painful measurement of glucose with less than optimal results. Obese patients are rarely able to change their life style, thus turn to medical interventions for losing excessive weight.

A substantial body of evidence has accumulated, demonstrating that metabolic surgery can achieve excellent control of hyperglycemia and reduce cardiovascular risk factors. There is now sufficient clinical and mechanistic evidence to support inclusion of metabolic surgery among anti-diabetes interventions for people with T2D and obesity. (Rubino, 2016) This surgery is a complex, expensive and non-reversible procedure which in many cases, result in high complications and recurrence rates. Noninvasive solutions available today have low efficacy. The NOBIX SYSTEM mimics the effect of the surgery without the sometimes deadly side effects. The NOBIX SYSTEM allows for an easy, safe, reversible and quick endoscopic procedure with a short and easy recovery.

Indications for the NOBIX SYSTEM

The NOBIX SYSTEM is a temporary implant for adults over the age of 18 who are obese, defined as a body mass index (BMI) ≥ 30 The NOBIX SYSTEM can be administered by a gastroscopy professional that has been trained for its use. The NOBIX SYSTEM implantation should be combined with a supervised nutrition to achieve the maximum weight loss and optimal results.