If you want a better healthier life for you and for your family, if you are looking to change your life without surgery - NOBIX SYSTEM will help you get there.

  • It's Non-surgical: The NOBIX SYSTEM is inserted endoscopically through the mouth and esophagus and placed directly in the stomach and intestine in a quick procedure
  • It's Non-invasive: The 15 minute procedure is completed under mild sedation. Most patients can go home after 24 hours of observation
  • It's Not permanent: After 12  months the NOBIX SYSTEM is carefully removed and the patient can go home to continue with improving their life
  • No incisions: Because the NOBIX SYSTEM is inserted endoscopically, there will be no stitches or scars

After implantation

The NOBIX SYSTEM stays in the body for up to 12 months after the procedure. During the period the NOBIX SYSTEM is in place, you will meet regularly with the team to monitor your health and progress. This time will allow you to develop healthy eating habits that will serve you for the rest of your life.

The removal

Once the NOBIX SYSTEM has been in place for 12 months it will be removed in a simple, non-surgical procedure. After it is removed, maintaining the healthy lifestyle choices you made will help you keep your healthy diabetes parameters. Your regular meetings with the support team will continue for 3 months after the NOBIX SYSTEM is removed.